Services could be the Company or Project (Client) in management requires preventive and / or general business advice, however the strength of our Consultant is to identify what your company or project may need to be even better and show your clients or your own Directory, the high level in which your company is.

Miros Consultants. , offers activities and guidance on different aspects such as: Improvement, Motivation, Innovation, Ideas, Record, Review, Guidance, Organization, Safety and Health.


Based on any improvement or progress is change of a “thing” to a better state, is the reason why we deliver and simultaneously offer advice with the confidence that all the input delivered, will have as a final result a solid compliance and customer acceptance.


We seek one or more motivational activities that the organization needs to increase the level of attention and approach of the people who are part of the companies and which they operate, which can be direct actors or performers or control personnel or supervision. These activities are carried out with simple and effective support with the use of people involved in the motivational area, which will focus exclusively on the requirements of the company.


Our idea is to deliver a service or product which is a significantly improved as regards to what we have seen, even anticipating the needs of our customers, interacting with them to give specific and customized solutions. Make your work and life easier with answers and accurate knowledge on time.


With an initial assessment of the Company, the Consultant may give one or more ideas for improvements, which if they are implemented, will give positive results quickly and will change fundamental aspects of the image and preventive management of the Company.


Having record of the customer and our own work is the specific tool, basic, tacit and explicit, which will support all our work and advice, whether in writing, through images, sounds or necessary backups as needed according to the requirement, these will serve as background to our management.


The Consultant will review any documents or systems used by the company to develop preventive management and will present observations to these, giving suggestions for changes and / or adjustments to improve the overall management of the Company. Other reviews of teams, professionals, etc., are also part of the consultancy.


Communication will be basic to give a proper guidance to our clients. Facing them on what they do not fully known; whether macro or daily steps, is our essence as a Consultant. We will guide and direct them to the answers to the challenges, uncertainties, doubts and queries.


From an external point of view and in depth, the Consultant may suggest activities and / or tasks to adequate improvement in the organization, whether staffs or ways of working.


From the point of view of Risk Prevention, the Consultant will support to improve in various applicable activities, such as risk matrices, procedures, instructions, labor standards, codes of good practice, innovative ideas, etc...


Whereas, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of illness, injury or pain”, one of the important issues for the Consultant is precisely the Health, is why we care to deliver relevant and appropriate advice for the welfare and protection of workers in your company and as a consequence their families.

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