The professional history of Miros Consultants and Advisors Ltda., add more than 23 years of experience in health and safety issues, both in Chile and in other countries such as: Peru, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Colombia, in topics of administration, training , motivational activities, accident investigation and other activities related to the prevention area.

With our support or advice, workers and organizations will develop a better way their work and as a result, it will contribute in the reduction of accidents.

Our Consultant, considering our experience, either in years working and in different work stages, will guide you through traditional aspects or steps used; suggesting a simple and applicable activities for the preventive management of your company improve. It will also provide guidance for your company or project before any review; showing a strong and remarkable management, being ruled by the applicable current standards, requirements and even their own clients.

The central idea is in based on simple and innovative efforts to achieve and with that improve your company or project and shows the image that everyone expects in the field of risk prevention and in this process where we orient, accompany and guide you.

Our Consultant develops all its activities to its customers with advisers of renowned experience and expertise.

Within this group are Risk Prevention Engineers, either with records of the Ministry of Health (Chile), and the SERNAGEOMIN (Chile), Mining Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Professional Climbers, Diploma in Business Management and Negotiation, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 Auditors, among others.

Tomislav Marinovic Pulido


Consultor General, Ingeniero En Prevención de Riesgo, Experto Profesional, Experto en Seguridad Minera Clase B, con más de 23 años de experiencia, en Minería, Construcción y Servicios.
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Natalia Cielo Rojo


Ingeniero en Prevención de Riesgos y Diplomado en Administración de empresa y negociación, con experiencias en temas de prevención en faenas mineras y organismo administrador de la ley 16.744.
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