In large, medium- sized and small companies of the Industry, Construction Projects, and other industrial areas at national and international level, there are slogans or philosophies that encourage or disclose phrases like; ZERO ACCIDENT OR ZERO HARM, however the truth is, the accidents happen and these range goes from minor injuries, very serious and death of people doing some work.

Miros Consultants. , believes that a real preventive management should focus mainly on the constant “Reduction” of Labor Accidents and the compliance of the regulations and working standards.

The goal of Zero Harm is achievable, but reality shows us another picture, and considering the activities taking place in the industry, mining, construction, etc.., these present conditions that from one way to another exposed to workers to have injuries due to the energies with which they are related, by crosses specialties, work in confined areas and to massive structural assembly.

On the other hand, the aforementioned companies also offer to their employees several “formulas” to prevent accidents and are called in many ways, eg: golden rules, rules for life, the keys, the cardinal rules, etc. , and no doubt, all have the same goal, which is avoiding the accidents. However, sometimes these are poorly managed and / or expressed, and they are carried out after the accident happened, reminding all who read these accident reports, that such employee did not respect this or that safety requirement.

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