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  • Reviewing and improving labor accident reports.
  • Labor accident Research.
  • Support for training of safety team
  • Review and writing letters or reports.
  • Improving internal processes of Preventive Management.
  • Presentations to State Organizations in charge of Law 16744. (Chile)
  • Document Reviewing of Preventive Management of the company.
  • Guidance on the Base Preventive Management, which must have the Manager or Contract Administrator and which of these, should have the command lines below.
  • Guidance on Preventive Management activities necessary for achieving the objectives, and to turn on the necessary legal backing.
  • Orientation in Business Administration and Negotiation.
  • Motivational activities to key organizational lines.
  • Guideline or guidance to key lines of how to deal with daily activity (preventive).
  • Guideline or suggestions to the Risk Prevention Departments of your company.
  • Suggestions for activities to improve the performance of both command lines and workers. (Motivational, work, group, etc.)
  • Guidance on how to deal with conflict situations or themes in the field of Risk Prevention within the organization, in a project or in front of a client.
  • Provide different ideas, outside the traditional ones and suitable to the structure of the company.
  • Connection with Professionals of Risk Prevention to develop fieldwork.
  • Field audits and reviews.
  • Foremen Training, in its role as the Last Planner Task.
  • Conduct Observer Training and preparation of behavioral process.
  • Training regarding specific and critical jobs, such as: Work at Height, Confined Space, Blocking, Digging and Trench.
  • Among others.

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